Multiple tested quality!

With Maxchip Chiptuning to more performance increase and
your individual driving pleasure.

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Naturally, the extra performance of your vehicle is an important reason for choosing your personal Maxchip tuning chip. In order to guarantee your safety and that of your vehicle in addition to the increased driving pleasure, our products must meet the highest quality standards and pass numerous tests.

Our Maxchip Tuning products are tested in several steps for quality, safety and sustainability:

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Determination of power and torque. Test step

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Checking the driving behaviour Test step

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Determination of the maximum speed Test step

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Checking the exhaust gases Test step

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Checking the fuel consumption Test step

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Measurement of CO2 emissions Test step

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Noise measurement Test step

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Review of electromagnetic changes

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Testing in daily routine with employees

Our quality products are subjected to a series of tests on a wide range of manufacturers and engines. The factors listed above regulate the fine tuning and form an additional safety check. All our Maxchip products are additionally equipped with a

Legal information

By chip tuning the general operating license of the vehicle expires, if the acceptance of the installation of the power increase has not been carried out immediately by an officially recognized test facility in the sense of § 19 StVZO and confirmed according to § 22 StVZO. The performance upgrade must therefore be entered in the vehicle documents. The corresponding part certificate for the registration of the chip tuning. With this part certificate you can have the performance increase registered at any recognized testing facility.

Even without a parts certificate, registration in the vehicle documents is possible by means of a chargeable individual inspection at a recognised testing institute. Since the exact procedure and costs for an individual inspection vary from case to case, you should contact the relevant testing institute directly for details of the individual inspection in your case. We expressly point out that Maxchip assumes no liability whatsoever if the additional power is not entered in the vehicle documents.

Guarantee claims and warranty
after chip tuning

By installing a tuning chip you lose the warranty claim against the guarantor (usually the manufacturer) on your engine. Likewise, your warranty claims against the vehicle seller may be affected.

However, we at Maxchip are convinced of the high multiple-tested quality and safety standards of our products, which is why you receive an engine warranty included with the purchase of our products or can take out this additionally with us. You can find more details about our Maxchip engine warranty here


Insurance cover

The installation of a tuning chip may, under certain circumstances, affect the insurance coverage of your vehicle. Please consult your vehicle insurer before installation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by e-mail to or by phone at +49 89 231 67623.