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Even better performance thanks to Volvo chip tuning

Volvo’s intention to successfully position itself in a wide range of areas over the decades, from SUVs to small cars, has been increasingly successful. Today the Swedish vehicles can be seen both as family cars and as city runabouts. However, it is possible to get an additional Volvo performance boost from almost every model.

From the C30 to the XC90 we offer our Volvo Chip Tuning for a variety of different models and versions. The majority of the models we also had already on our test bench to check the effective power gain accordingly. It turned out that we can increase the performance of your car with our Volvo tuning box by up to 35%.

This Volvo extra power is a part of you for the rest of your driving life. Because even if you plan to exchange your car for another model (possibly even from another manufacturer) after a certain period of time, this will not affect our pits in any way. You can easily continue to use your Volvo chip tuning for many thousands of different models. The secret behind it is called artificial intelligence. By the automatic adaptation to your car, you will not have any time or financial problems when changing cars.

Save fuel with a Volvo chip tuning

A second essential advantage of our products is the reduction of consumption. For example, if you pay attention to your shifting behaviour when driving in the city, your model will consume up to 15% less fuel than before. Our Volvo tuning enables you to change gears at a much earlier stage.

The result is a lower “effort” of your engine and therefore a correspondingly lower fuel consumption. In this way your Volvo chip tuning has several positive side effects. You regularly save on fuel costs and can therefore also contribute to lower environmental consumption and thus a small part to climate protection.

Volvo Chiptuning quick and easy installation

We want to make the application and use of our chip tuning products as pleasant as possible. For this reason we do not only attach great importance to a strong performance of our tuning boxes, but also to an easy handling for you as our customer. You will receive your Maxchip Volvo chip tuning including all necessary cables and installation instructions suitable for your vehicle and engine.

chip tuning installation usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes and can be implemented without any problems even without professional training or know-how in the automotive sector. On our YouTube channel you will also find corresponding videos with instructions, which can additionally simplify your work.

operating Volvo performance enhancement via smartphone

If you decide to use the Maxchip Ultra with our products, you will also benefit from the integrated mobile phone app control. Via Bluetooth, our largest box can be connected to your smartphone, from which you can intuitively and depending on the desired driving behavior, customize your Volvo chip tuning.

Our goal is to create the highest possible individuality and comfort for our customers with our Chiptuning App. Therefore you can choose from no less than 10 different fine tuning options in our Maxchip program. These are divided into the areas Race, Sport and Eco. Further highlights of our Chiptuning Volvo with App is the temporary deactivation of the chip, the boost button as well as the warm up timer.

History of the company

Volvo is by far the best known Swedish car brand. The company can look back on an eventful history, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2024. Tradition has it that the foundation stone for the company’s foundation was laid in a maritime restaurant during a conversation between two friends. The name is a Latin term and means something like “I roll”.

Security as a cornerstone of the corporate philosophy

What began in early years has been consistently maintained in the company line up to now. A key factor that distinguished the company’s vehicles was, is and remains safety. The “P120 Amazon” model released in the 1960s, among others, caused a worldwide sensation in this area.

Not only that it became the first model of the group which was not based on an American model, the three-point safety belt was used for the very first time in the history of passenger cars. This enabled Volvo to raise car safety standards to a new level. Also a novelty: In 1976 the first car of the Swedes came on the market, which was equipped with an oxygen sensor. For a long time it was said that the Volvo was the safest car in the world. Nowadays, high safety standards are common in the industry, but Volvo is still one of the absolute pioneers in this field.

outsourcing of car production and distribution

In addition to passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, Volvo is also active in construction machinery, space components and marine technology. At the end of the 1980s, the decision was made to outsource the passenger car production segment, as a result of which Volvo sold its latest models within the Ford Group for a certain period of time.

A short time before the turn of the millennium, there was another takeover, since then the Volvo passenger car division has been part of the Chinese Geely Group.