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Audi Chiptuning

Now part of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft – VW AG for short – Audi can look back on a history of around 110 years. When the company was founded in 1909, founder August Horch probably never even dared to think about what can be got out of “his” vehicles today with an Audi chip tuning. Nevertheless, Audi was and still is considered one of the pioneers in innovation.

The four rings from Audi that are known worldwide today date back to the merger of the companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer in 1928. The four rings symbolized the four companies. Another important and significant step for Audi was then taken in 1964. From that time on, Audi was part of the VW Group and currently represents the Audi Group in VW AG together with the Seat and Lamborghini brands. 


Audi revolution in the 1980s

The year 1980 began with a real bang for the automobile industry. With the Audi Quattro, the company presented the world’s first four-wheel drive passenger car. Until then, all-wheel drive technology had been reserved exclusively for off-road vehicles and trucks. The company, which is now based in Ingolstadt, attracted worldwide attention as the first series vehicle manufacturer to deliver its models with a fully galvanized body. This difference is clearly visible when comparing the first fully galvanized Audi models with vehicles of other brands – with the exception of Porsche – that were produced at around the same time. Today the Audi models are all available in different versions, which differ superficially in their horsepower figures. With an Audi chip tuning it is nowadays even possible to overtake the next higher motorized vehicle of the model.


Audi successful in motorsport

If you buy an Audi, you know what you get. All the successes in various racing series show that the car succeeds in perfection in getting the appropriate performance under the bonnet. For more than 30 years Audi has been one of the absolute top teams in the DTM – the German Touring Car Championship – for example. Most recently, Mike Rockenfeller even clinched the overall title in 2013. In addition to speed, however, Audi can also keep pace with the absolute top teams in motorsport time and again through consistency over longer distances. >/div>
So Audi and its teams can look forward to triumphs in the Endurance World Championship or even at some of the day races such as the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans at regular intervals. Particularly noteworthy: In 2006 Audi was the only team to date to achieve a triumph with a diesel-powered vehicle.

Even better performance thanks to Audi chip tuning

Over time, Audi has already skilfully positioned itself in the premium sector with some models. Nevertheless, Audi’s developers also leave themselves some leeway in terms of engine performance. This is where we at Maxchip come in. With our Audi tuning box you can also get the maximum of additional power out of your vehicle. From Audi A1 to Q7 we are able to achieve a performance gain of up to 30% thanks to the latest technology. 

Thanks to the integrated AI technology, the box adapts to your vehicle in record time, so that you can benefit from the newly gained power immediately after installation. But artificial intelligence in chip tuning means even more advantages for the customers. If one day you want to change to another Audi or a completely different vehicle, you can simply take our Maxchip Chiptuning with you.


Save fuel with Audi chip tuning

In addition to the maximum performance gain, we at Maxchip with our Audi chip tuning ensure that you will experience a positive surprise at the next petrol station visits. Because with a correspondingly adapted driving style, it is also possible to save up to 15% or about 1.0 liters per 100 kilometers of fuel thanks to the Maxchip chip tuning box.

How to do that? The chip tuning for your Audi optimizes various values such as the efficiency of the injection. This will enable you as an Audi driver to shift up a gear in the future in a speed range between 1,500 and 2,000 rpm. All in all, if this possibility is used, this results in a shift-poorer driving, which in addition to the reduction in consumption also means a saving of money and also a protection of the environment.

Audi chip tuning quick and easy to install

The Audi Chiptuning installation is very simple. A simple toolbox, our included manual and between 10 and 15 minutes of time are normally sufficient until the box is installed and fully functional. With an order in our shop you will also receive a complete wiring harness, which enables you to use the chip tuning on another vehicle if necessary. If, contrary to expectations, minor difficulties should occur during installation, you can of course contact our customer service immediately, who will provide you with further installation photos or videos on request.

Operating Audi performance enhancements via smartphone

With the Maxchip Ultra you also have the possibility to operate your box completely free and individually via our app on your smartphone. This means that you have more different individual development possibilities to choose from than ever before with an Audi chip tuning from Maxchip. In total, the app allows you to navigate between 10 different engine settings. These are designed for different areas such as shorter city trips, winding roads or even high-speed exits. A special highlight of the Maxchip App for your Audi chip tuning is the so-called boost mode. 

In terms of effect, this is roughly comparable with the familiar DRS system from Formula 1. For example, if you want to overtake someone on the motorway as quickly as possible, press the boost button and you will benefit from additional power for a short period of time. In addition, the control via app also allows you to deactivate the built-in chip as you wish. It can also be reactivated whenever you want to use it. So nowhere else do you have so many fine tuning options as with our Audi extra performance.